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About Us

It Starts at the Vineyard

It Starts at the Vineyard

After specialising in producing high end furniture for some of New Zealand’s most amazing homes for more than 20 years, winecellar.co.nz was formed in 2010.

Winecellar brings together all the elements of strong client driven design, quality timber racking, full finishing and installation.

There is a lot of satisfaction tailoring a wine cellar fit out to meet the requirements of a wine enthusiast looking for the best way to display and cellar their valuable wine collection.

Give us a call on 0800CELLAR, complete the contact us form or email info@winecellar.co.nz to get us involved early in the design phase if possible.

We will come to your home or restaurant or where ever you want to create your new favourite space to share with your friends.

  • Individual – best way to store bottles individually
  • Corner – most efficient way to get the most out of storage space
  • Diamond – a great way to store bulk bottles
  • Bins – another great bulk storage method
  • Wood Case – designed to take your wooden display cases
  • Champagne/Magnum – designed especially for bigger diameter Champagne/Magnum bottles
  • Custom – customise our wine racks to your personal requirements