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Wine Racking Solutions

Winecellar produce a number of wine racking solutions, whether you have a cellar or corner requiring a wine rack, you can call us. We have our range of wooden wine racking solutions below and you can contact us for any information about these or our custom wine rack solutions.

individual Racking Solution

Individual Racking

The best way to store bottles individually.

Whether Bordeaux (straight sided) or Burgundy (curved sided) bottles it holds them perfectly without damaging the labels.

Also very easy to take out a bottle and replace it while not disturbing the rest of the cellar.

Corner Racking Solution

Corner Racking

Individual racking that turns an internal 90 degree corner.
It is also the most efficient way to get the most amount of bottles in a small space while looking amazing at the same time.
Depth stops are added to keep all the bottles aligned.

Diamond Racking Solution

Diamond Racking

A great way to store bulk bottles.
Also as a different look in a cellar especially under a counter top

Bins Racking Solutions

Bin Racking

Full or half bins.
Another great bulk storage method.

Wood Case Racking

Wood Case Racking

These racks are designed to take your wooden display cases.
Either full or half cases.
If your wine comes in such a nice wooden case, why not display it

Champagne Magnum Racking

Champagne/Magnum Racking

Designed especially for the bigger diameter Champagne or magnum bottles.
Just while they are waiting to go into the fridge anyway.

Custom Racking

Although we do customise our wine racks to fit your own personal requirements, sometimes we need to go that bit further.